Our Horse Boarding Services

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Horse Boarding Services

With over 30 years of proven Horse Boarding experience, Rose Ridge Stables is a premiere Horse Boarding facility. We offer:

  • Main Barn Stalls
    • Graze in grass pasture at owners' discretion
    • Exercise in dry pasture
  • Long Barn Stalls
    • Each stall has a large paddock (150') for exercise
  • Feeding Regimen
    • Morning and evening feedings
    • Hay is certified 15% protein weed free alfalfa and grass blend with Beet Pulp that has been soaked in water
    • Feeding plan is designed to reduce the risk of cholic, founder or dehydration
  • Cleanout Schedule
    • Stalls and paddocks are cleaned daily
  • 24/7 Video Camera Surveillance
    • Rose Ridge Stables staff maintains video files of all common areas
    • Horse owners can access live video via Internet connection 24/7

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